Speak For Nashik's initiative to tackle issues affecting city 


Golden Horizon School in Nashik launched the 'Speak For Nashik initiative to tackle various issues affecting the city and work towards solutions. As part of this, Class 7 students conducted the survey of a Nullah flowing from Wadala village to Takli Nandini river. During their survey, they found residents expressing concern about the foul smell emanating from the Nullah since many years.

Under the 'Speak for Nashik initiative, students prepared a report after interviewing several citizens. All those interviewed are people who reside in the vicinity of this Nullah.

The report was presented to Sanjay Agrawal, Superintending Engineer, Town Planning Department, Nashik Municipal Corporation at a special event arranged in the Golden Horizon School on May 1, while Dr Ujwala Bhamri, a renowned gynaecologist, was present as the chief guest for this event. Sanjay Agrawal reviewed the video and the interviews and assured the students that appropriate action would be taken to address the issue. 


Speak For Nashik - Project 1 - https://youtu.be/1Olgn4-MV34?si=it-uRpOT7x0fp2Rg