Periodical assessments in the pre-primary and primary wings are the powerful tools to judge the learning & knowledge levels of the students.

Activities, Projects, home works, worksheets, etc. are different other tools we emphasize on, to assess the students in different aspects.

Academics Co-curricular activities
English Drawing
Mathematics Physical education
Hindi Dance
EVS / Science  


Code of conduct

To aim at and maintain high standards , we expect the highest order of discipline and conduct from our students, with respect to their

  • Hygiene, attendance, regularity & punctuality.
  • Behaviour with fellow students in and outside the school.
  • Healthy eating habits not to have junk foods & candies in the school.
  • Manners, courtesy, Honesty, language & conduct.
  • Respect for school property and its image.
  • Attitude of abiding the school’s rules & regulations and policies in all areas.